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Stone Picker

A stone picking machine is a piece of equipment that is used to efficiently and accurately remove stones from fields and other large areas. It is designed to save time and labor compared to manual stone picking and can improve the overall quality of the field by creating a smoother, more even surface for planting and cultivating crops.

Onion Bed Maker

An onion bed maker machine is a tool used by onion farmers to prepare soil beds for planting onions. The machine helps in creating uniform beds, reducing manual labor, and increasing efficiency. The machine typically has adjustable blades that can be set to different depths, allowing farmers to customize the bed preparation process to suit their needs.

Root Crop Harvester

A root crop harvester machine is designed to help farmers efficiently harvest root crops such as potatoes, onion, carrots, and beets.The use of a root crop harvester can significantly reduce the time and manual labor needed to harvest these crops, making the process more efficient and profitable for farmers.


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Bhaumya Innovations Private Limited. is a leading manufacturing company in the agriculture industry, pioneering in engineering products that reduce manual labor costs. Our versatile and efficient stone picking machines have revolutionized the process of removing stones from farm lands.



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